Award winning designer, Sally Costen introduces:


Uncommon Design


Winner of F. Hinds High Street by Design 2015.
Student Catagory.


Seachange – Into something rich & strange
Rivulets & rockpools. Channels carved into sand.
Discovery of a precious pearl nestled within.

Core – Wholeness, inclusion…family
Linking, holding with soft leather & light tones.
Tactile & elegant.

Live Long & Prosper
Retro Space-age – bold, optimistic and ambitious.
Unusual silhouettes. Mixed materials & clean lines.

Paisley. Dissected.
Classic pattern abstracted – reconfigured in Sterling silver.
The pieces interact & connect.

Clerkenwell Jewellery was founded in 2015 by award winning graphic designer and jeweller, Sally Costen.
Her collections are beguiling and stylish, sprinkled with humour. Designed and made in Clerkenwell, London, the pieces reflect her love of pattern and contrasting materials. They interact and connect, telling a story within each collection.

Where possible, the pieces are made of recycled metals, reclaimed leather and wood.

Each piece is singular – carefully worked and individual.
A combination of different colours and finishes ensures no piece is the same.

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